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Come and join us and learn about one of the newest activities/sports to have fun with your dog.  It's our Nose Work Class.  Get your dog excited using their nose to find toys or treats in boxes, room, cars and more.  It's six Monday nights at 5:30pm, starting October 27th.  Dogs need to be leash and crate trained.  For information contact us soon at or call us at 651-777-2317.

Could it really be time to think about signing up for the winter agility session?  Yes it is.  If you are interested in joining us for agility this winter please check out our schedule here.  Contact us at or call us at 651-777-2317.



Animal Inn Training School is located in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  We have been teaching people to train their dogs for over 30 years.

We offer beginners obedience and puppy kindergarten classes as well as classes in almost all of the performance activities including conformation, agility, competitive obedience and rally obedience.   

We may have been at this for over 30 years but that doesn't mean we are using the same methods that were in use 25-30 years ago.  Dog training has evolved a lot over the years and so have we.  We believe our programs combine the best of all the philosophies.  You will build a better relationship with your dog and build friendships with your fellow students.  The results will be an obedient, well-behaved and, if you choose, a prepared performance dog. 

We welcome anyone interested in attending a class at Animal Inn Training School to first come on out and observe a week or two of the class that you are interested in attending.  You can see the results and the fun for yourself. 

We've got a class for everyone.  Check out our class options and progressions by clicking here.  See list of obedience class dates and times here.  See our agility schedule here.  


For information on the Animal Inn Flyball Program, click here.


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