Puppy Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

For Puppies Under 6 Months Old

Butterflies and Rainbows. This 6 week class is aimed at making your puppy comfortable in new environments with new people and dogs and new sensory experiences. We focus on training and advice to help you to raise a great adult dog as well as beginning some basic obedience skills. This class is a GREAT START for your pup!

Please do not schedule your spay or nueter during the class. There will be no refund or make up classes.

Gear up your sport pup

For Puppies 4 -15 months

This class will help you develop a puppy who can be an engaged partner in your chosen dog sport.  We will be teaching engagement, reinforcement, self-control, conditioning and body awareness and more using with fun exercises and games.

Agility - Foundation 1

For Puppies Over 5 Months and Adult Dogs

Foundation 1 Agility is suitable for puppies of 5 months and older and adult dogs who are just beginning agility training.  Dogs must be under reasonable control by the handler.  Formal obedience training or Sport Puppy class is not required but is helpful.

Beginner obedience

For Older Puppies (Over 6 Months Old)

The Beginner Obedience class concentrates on basic obedience skills in a distraction rich environment. The main skills include heeling, sit/down/stand, recall, stays in all positions. These skills can help your dog to fit into our society in numerous ways. At home, at the park, on a walk, at the vet, at the groomers and many other ways. There is a reason these basic obedience skills are the cornerstone of
our work with dogs.

Upcoming & Special Classes