Agility Class Schedule

How to Start In agility

If this is your dog’s first time in Agility, you will register for Foundation 1 Wait List. Dog must be at least 4 months. Please Click on Foundation Wait List below for important information before you register. Important – Before the program sends you to PayPal to make your payment, you must check the box for Pay Deposit Only or you will be charged the full class price instead of the $30 deposit. Classes that are helpful (but not required) before starting agility are Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience and/or Gear Up Your Sport Pup.
If your dog has done agility somewhere else, contact us for advice on which class to register for.

Agility Progression

Gear up your sport pup

Gear Up Your Sport Dog Puppy will help you develop a puppy who can be an engaged partner in your chosen dog sport.  Most dog sports have more similarities in early training than differences and many dogs end up doing multiple sports with training for each benefitting the other.  We will be working on some basic skills that should generalize well across all sports and may also include a few exercises that are more specific to a single sport.  When it comes to good training, more is always better!

We will have exercises and games that work on:

  • Engagement
  • Reinforcement
  • Self-Control
  • Shaping
  • Toy Play
  • Conditioning & Body Awareness
  • And More!

The class is aimed at puppies who are 4 months to 15 months but may also work well for some dogs outside that range. 

Foundation 1 agility

Foundation 1 AGILITY is suitable for puppies of 5 months and older and adult dogs who are just beginning agility training.  Dogs must be under reasonable control by the handler.  Formal obedience training is not required but is helpful.  Our new Gear Up Your Sport Pup Class is also very helpful.

Foundation 1 focuses on:

  • Building teamwork between dog and handler
  • Teaching self-control
  • Building drive
  • Teaching position work and flatwork
  • Beginning obstacle skills

Foundation 2

Foundation 2 AGILITY continues building groundwork skills with an increased focus on jumping and contact obstacle fundamentals.  Dogs must have successfully completed Foundation 1 or have instructor approval. Foundation 2 focuses on:
  • Jumping Skills
  • Contact Obstacles – You will be working on all three contact obstacles
  • Short sequences combining jumps and obstacles

Foundation 3

Foundation 3 Agility is a skills based class with short sequences designed to teach these skills.  Dogs must have successfully completed Foundation 2 or have instructor approval.  This class is generally taken two or more times.

Foundation 3 will focus on:

  • Solid contact criteria
  • Independent obstacle performance
  • Understanding and executing crosses and turns
  • Introducing weave poles

Novice agility

Novice Agility class develops the skills learned in the Foundation series of classes and introduces longer and more complex sequences and greater handling skills.  Dogs must have completed Foundation 3 successfully or have instructor approval.  This class is generally taken two or more times.


Advanced Agility continues the development of a successful dog and handler team.  Sequences will include more emphasis on making good handling choices and giving the dog timely cues and will increase your dog’s understanding of “Find the Line” allowing the team to work together more effectively .  Dogs at this level are often ready to start competing in Novice or Starters  classes.  

Dogs must have completed Novice successfully or have instructor approval. This class is generally taken two or more times.

Master agility

Master Agility prepares teams for high level agility competition.  Sequences are long and/or complex  with an increased emphasis on precise handling and timely cues.  Agility is an ever-changing sport and these classes will keep your team learning and improving.

Dogs must have completed Advanced successfully, be capable of completing Open or Advanced level courses, or have instructor approval.

Upcoming & Special Classes