THURS 7:15pm w/ Liz Weaver starting APRIL 25

This class will help you develop a puppy who can be an engaged partner in your chosen dog sport.  Most dog sports have more similarities in early training than differences and many dogs end up doing multiple sports with training for each benefitting the other.  We will be working on some basic skills that should generalize well across all sports and may also include a few exercises that are more specific to a single sport.  When it comes to good training, more is always better!

We will have exercises and games that work on:

  • Engagement
  • Reinforcement
  • Self-Control
  • Shaping
  • Toy Play
  • Conditioning & Body Awareness
  • And More!

The class is aimed at puppies who are 4 months to 15 months but may also work well for some dogs outside that range.  You can contact Liz at if you would like to register a dog that doesn’t fit into that age range.

Equipment needed:
5-6′ leash
Flat or martingale collar
Way more treats than you think
A treat pouch or large pockets

Max 6 students $185


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